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My love of hiking the woods of New England and the seashore are inspiration for my monoprints. Walks through misty, soft gray atmospheric days provide me with an infinite source for illustration the subtle colors and fleeting moments that only become visible in that foggy world.


While spending time at the University of Urbino in Italy I began to watercolor in small format from observation out of doors. The portability of this medium entranced me. From this I have made a practice of recording my travels from Kenya to Connecticut in this manner. In these I conjure the essence of the environment and may be inspired by some scent or color or shape and are produced quickly.


My painting explores sets or series of images. They tend to be close views of small articles that focus on color or texture.


I have a studio with wonderful light in Bridgeport, Connecticut and live in the wooded hills of Redding, Connecticut.

Holly Hawthorn        


Biographical Artist Statement


I found the ceramic studio in the basement of a now long obliterated old converted house on the campus of the University of Bridgeport. There in the mud and dust, sitting at an old pottery wheel was Gabor Gergo, making magic. I spent the next four years there and still have the dust of that encounter under my nails and in my soul.


As an arts educator I had the opportunity to see how this medium speaks to our creative nature. Inspiring young people to connect with their inner artist is a magical process.  As a potter I created functional ware and illustrative works for many years. Clay is a playful medium; its plastic and textural qualities inspired me to create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects.

The seashell is a timeless symbol for me that evokes the joy of hours spent on the beach. The miniature shell works I create are titled to amuse the viewer and I especially enjoy using 'play on words' to title them.


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